Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Mukhtar Nama 13 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Mukhtar Nama 13 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Umar bin Sad Abi Waqas was struggling to get the governorship of Rey (Now known as Tehran in Iran), for this goal he was the first one who attacked on caravan of Hussein in Nainwa. But after the martyrdom of Hussein, political situation became very dangerous in Islamic world. The supporters of Hussein started to visit Hussein's grave and hate against Syrian so called Caliph and all his governors were increasing in the hearts of people.

Mukhtar Nama 13 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

This episode is named as The Gilded Kaaba. It was an important and shocking news from Mecca to Kufa about Mukhtar that Mukhtar has accepted the Leadership of Abdullah son of Zubair against governorship of Iraq and Arab. 
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Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali r.a

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