Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Mukhtar Nama 14 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Mukhtar Nama 2 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

People in all Islamic world became against Yazid, because his acts were un-Islamic and unlawful, as well as it was a dark point on the so called caliphate of Yazid that he martyred Imam Hussein and all his companions in an unequal battle at Nainwa desert. 

Mukhtar Nama 2 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Abdullah son of Zubair was in Mecca and it is known truth that there is always peace in Mecca in the limits of Kaaba. Yazid knew about son of Zubair that he is managing an army to end the Syrian so called caliphate, so Yazid, in advance, attacked on Mecca offensively, it is also revealed from history book prior to attack on Kaaba by his army, they attacked over Madina and killed hundred people, dozen companions of Muhammad. 
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