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Mukhtar Nama 7 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Mukhtar Nama 7 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Muslim son Aqeel arrived Kufa by using the unpopular ways to Kufa with two guides. Then he moved to many house and places of Kufa to take allegiance of Imam Hussein from the people who wrote letters to Hussein. This episode is known as Donkey of Dajjal. 

Mukhtar Nama 7 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

An operation to find Muslim was launched by Abdullah son of Ziyad at high level. His police entered forcibly to homes and searched Muslim son of Aqeel but with the passage of time, they failed. So a secret plan was managed and a person was sent to those home who were know as people of Ali (Alwi) and there he expressed his faiths in Ali and desired to support Imam Hussein financially. So He found Muslim in Ameer Hani's House. 
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