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Mukhtar Nama 9 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Mukhtar Nama 9 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Son of Aqeel was martyred then many Shiites of Kufa started to inform Imam Hussein about the condition of Kufa as well as to stop Imam to come to Kufa. On the other hand Abdullah son of Ziyad on the directions of Yazid also creating condition to trap, arrest or martyr the Imam Hussein. For this purpose he sent Umar son of Sad to arrest Imam Hussein before he reached Kufa. Umar obeyed and encountered the caravan of Hussein in Nainwa. The name of this episode is also Nainwa.

Mukhtar Nama 9 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

This battle took place between a large army of Yazid and Abdullah son of Ziyad and a small group of supporters of Ali and his sons. In result, Hussein and all people of his group except Zian al Abidin was saved because he was sick and ladies of families Hussain saved him from martyrdom. 
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