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Mukhtar Nama 40 End Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Mukhtar Nama 40 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

At last the army of Abdullah bin Zubair  siege the Kufa city. And now the battle was reached in streets of Kufa. Mukhtar jointed all his force and before final attack he prayed and took bath final as he is going to present himself before Allah.

Mukhtar Nama 40 Urdu (Revenge of Karbala)

Mukhtar's army was defeated and many of them were arrested, most of historians said they were many thousands, all were murdered by army of Abdullah Son of Zubair, some one asked Abdullah son of Umar about these murders of Mukhtar's army, he replied if a person who is very close to Allah slaughtered a large number of sheep / animals for Allah while he had capacity to do so, even then the slaughtering of those animals was considered as extravagant by all senior Muslims. With this scenario the serial was ended. A Historian also said that the Palace of Kufa was an amazing place where Abdullah son of Zubair were ruling and his cut head was brought to that palace, in front of Mukhtar, then Mukhtar's head was brought to there in front of next ruler, then the head of that next ruler were also brought to there ..... so this world/ time and circumstances never remain same as well, so the main purpose of life should be understand by us to pass our life as per rules of Islamic Educations. 
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