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Prophet Yousaf A.S Episode 16 (Urdu Islamic Serial)

Prophet Yousaf A.S Episode 16 (Urdu Islamic Serial)

Zuleikha was forced by her evil wishes to cheat with Potiphar....... she managed her bedroom with fragrances and called Joseph to come to her bedroom. Her closest companion went to call him......., and when Joseph arrived she locked all seven doors leading to the bedroom of Zuleikha. Joseph reminded in his mind that a person told her many years ago about those doors can be locked only from inside and could not be unlocked or opened by anyone but by Zuleikha who used a special key occupied by her.

Prophet Yousaf A.S Episode 16 (Urdu Islamic Serial)

There she invited Joseph and tried hard to seduce Joseph. But Joseph was servant of Allah and could never do this shameless act and could not cheat with his boss, Poyiphar. So he denied to do so as per wishes of Zuleikha. She reminded Joseph that the doors are locked and there was no way to escape from that prison of Satan. But ...... door was unlocked by invisible force...... Joseph ran from that room but at the last door he saw Potiphar was there asking him about the his presence in private bedroom of Zuleikha......?

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