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Maryam Muqadas 1 (Urdu Islamic Serial)

Maryam Muqadas 1 (Urdu Islamic Serial)

After the death of Hazrat Imran (Prophet of Allah), Zechariah was responsible for preaching in Israel. As there was a prophecy from Hazrat Imran, that the Messiah would from his lineage, so the common Jews of Israel, Jerusalem were waiting for the good news about Messiah.

Maryam Muqadas 1 (Urdu Islamic Serial)

On the other hand Jews who were Rabbi and were also responsible for the matters regarding their religion were against Prophet Imran as well as his brother Zechariah a.s. They did not admitted them as Prophet. So they also did not believe in the prophecy of Messiah, because they believe if Allah would decide something like Messiah then Allah would reveal this matter upon them because they were Rabbi and responsible.
Herod was the King of Israel, so called king controlled by Roman empire from Rome. He was also afraid of his dreams about a kid who would end his monarch. So he also ordered to finish every kind who would took birth during coming days.
But the child who took birth in home of Imran was a girl, and this news was sad for Believers and they Rabbis and king were so happy to hear this news and they laughed at the Female Messiah.

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