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The Emissary of Imam Hussein 1 (Urdu Serial)

The Emissary of Imam Hussein 1 (Urdu Serial)

As we know by reading history and watching the following serials, that Imam Hussein a.s sent two messengers to Kufa and Basra. Imam Hussein sent his cousin to Kufa whose name was Muslims bin Aqeel. In first 10 episodes of Mukhtar Nama (Urdu) Serial Muslim was paving the way of Imama Hussain's arrival in Kufa. During the changing circumstances of Kufa, Muslim bin Aqeel was martyred. While Imam Hussain a.s also sent an other messenger to Basra whose name was Suleiman. The Serial Emissary (Safeer e Hussain) in Urdu is an inspirational story of Suleiman, the emissary of Imam Hussain to Basra. 
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The Emissary of Imam Hussein 1 (Urdu Serial)

The story starts while Muawiya was died in Syria and his son Yazid was now declared as so called Caliph of Muslims. He knew that Hussein will never admit his claim of caliph and so he sent a special message to governor of Madina to call Hussein and took allegiance to Yazid's lordship. He also ordered if Hussein denied then send his cut head to Syria. Imam Hussein demanded a short time to consult and during while in night time, Imam left Madina and went to Mecca, Abdullah bin Zubayer a.s  was also left Madina and now he was also in Madina. There Suleiman was called and a great task was assigned to him to complete it at any cost. He had many challenges to meet the fulfillment of such job.   
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