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A Loneliest Commander 14 (Complete Urdu Serial)

A Loneliest Commander 14 (Complete Urdu Serial)

We already watched in the serial the time line of Imam Ali a.s that Ali a.s was martyred by Ibn e Muljim. The next Imam and Caliph of Muslims was now Imam Hassan a.s. When Muawiya heard the news that Hasan bin Ali has been selected/declared as Imam/Caliph, he refused and condemned. Imam Hussein was the younger brother of Imam Hasan. This serial is based on events of Islamic History directed and produced by Iranian TV artists. Many parts of this serial may not be in accordance with Sunni school of thought however these scenes have their own importance in history. 
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A Loneliest Commander 14 (Complete Urdu Serial)

Muawiya also addressed with people of Kufa and reminded them that when there was peace talk in process with Imam Hassan, I confirmed that I am your ruler and king/caliph. But many of you always spread riots. Now I will never bear the riots and now next time there would be no riots and difficulties in my reign. He demanded three things from them that tributes should be paid in fixed time, when I call the soldiers then youths should join my army in first call and in last I am responsible of your lives and wealth. Muawiya also told that the peace agreement between Imam Hassan and Muawiya is not more important then a piece of leather and all sections of this agreement are under my feet.
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