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Imam Ali Raza a.s 8 (Urdu Serial)

Imam Ali Raza a.s 8 (Urdu Serial) Ghareeb e Toos

Ghareeb Toos or Wilayet e Ishq is an Persian TV serial which tells us an inspiring story about the real life of Imam Ali Reza a.s. This serial is based on historical events which are recorded in history books.  
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Imam Ali Raza a.s 8 (Urdu Serial) Ghareeb e Toos

This serial is an important video collection to acquire knowledge about Imam Ali Reza a.s. He was progeny of our beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH and was 8th successor. After the martyrdom of his great father Imam Moosa Al Kazim, when Imam Ali Raza was 35 years old, he became leader and Imam. It was the reign of Abbasid Caliphate and Imam suffered many difficulties made by Abbasid. Finally Imam was martyred by Mamoon Rashid when and then the age of Imam Ali Raza was 55 years.  
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